its that man again

I will never ever find out the truth as Dr A will continue to stay silent.

I hope he is proud of his deceit.

It is a shame he is not capable of being truthful and honest considering the position he now holds and has held previously.Medical Director of the Local LHB and his previous posts of Chairman of the BMA Wales, GP committee Wales and the Welsh Medical Committee,

I believe he is a bully and should not be in the post of Medical Director of the Local Health Board or indeed any post.

 If one could read the letters I have written in chronological order then one could see the increasing anger and despair and would agree that this NHS complaint is the cause of my silent heart attack and the clotting problems I have now.

The actual cause is the FACT that Dr A did not at any time discuss the illness with me or discuss the treatment options with me or in fact discuss ANYTHING about my illness with me. (look here)

If this is good Medical Practice on his behalf then an intense investigation into his response to previous complaints should be undertaken.

 BUT THEN The healthcare inspectorate says that he is exemplary in his treatment towards me.

                                        so thats OK then

                         Auspices of Fair Comment



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