Health Service Inspectorate 1

                   On asking for the documents the Health Service Commission hold under the Data Protection Act I was informed that they would not release these documents until I sent a copy of a utility bill to prove I am who I am. The payee of the cheque for £10 says it all , in my opinion, “The Welsh Assembly” see Auspices of Fair Comment.  Hence Jobsworth

                    I wish for proof that they are who they say they  are considering they know infinitely more about me than I will ever know about them.

                      For God’s sake they have just read my medical notes at a time when I was at my lowest. Have they  libelled me ( A tort consisting of false and malicious publication printed for the purpose of defaming a living person ) by suggesting I am a fool by saying that I FORGOT something so desperately important. ( They said a side effect of my “illness” was forgetfullness, poor memory and that I did not remember what Dr A told me.)  Dr A course should have know of this side-effect and should have told my nearest relative, my sister (re Mental Health Act) who happens to be his senior Medical Partner in his Practice. Well I may/would forget and IT WOULD BE THE SINGULAR MOST IMPORTANT thing I would ever hear at 49 years old. ( Read the page <about> for the story.)

                    I have lost 40 years of my life because the Welsh NHS appears to wish to preserve the reputation of a miscreant DOCTOR.


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