Why am I angry?

I am angry as I have lost the reason for the majority of my life for no other reason than Dr RB John failed catastrophically in his treatment of my depression. I have a debt for life because of him and absolutely NO “reward” for over 20 years as a NHS Dentist. and::
1) The total lack of respect shown to me as a Patient and Professional Colleague by Dr RB John and the LHB Independent Review and Ombudsman.
2) The total lack of respect shown to me as the brother of his Professional Colleague by Dr RB John . If he can do this to his senior Medical Partner’s brother what is he capable of doing to an “ordinary” Patient?.
3) What did my sister mean when she said in 1998 that he meant well. Which implies, to me, that he is incompetent and alleges he has failed in his duties to a patient before. It also suggests to me that she knows of his failings.
4) In October this year 2007 it will be 40 years since I went to UCH Dental School to read Dentistry and Dr RB John had destroyed the reason for the following years just because he did not include me in his “treatment plan”.
5) His response indicates that he does not care about the errors in his practicing profile and could suggest that I am not an unique case in his profile.
6) His response indicates that he attempted to “do me a favour” by retiring me by asking colleagues on the LHB to write letters suggesting I was unfit for Practice, BUT without EVER meeting me and that I should sell my Practice BUT without ever telling me.

It is not as if they did not know where I was. He referred me to the Psychiatric Consultant who arranged the admission to Heath House Priory and arranged the finance to pay for it. Why did he not keep me informed of the developments? Why in the complaint did he say “he did not remember” the name of the Consultant? This would explain, possibly, the lack of diagnosis and why he refused to answer Professionally throughout the complaint because the treatment I received was unnecessary and only arranged “as a favour”. Yet why did he not consider telling me for HOW else was I to know otherwise?. But why was this accepted without question throughout the complaint?

Not forgetting that I was refused time to sort my affairs out and was promised that ALL would be done to assist me. This was the ONLY reason I agreed to go to hospital with less than 24 hours notice.
7) Why did the LHB not tell me of the conflict of interest that would be present in investigating their Medical Director? This explains why they did not answer my simple question as to the relationship between Dr RB John and the LHB as they wished not to admit this conflict and admit an unsound investigation. Why did they not investigate Dr EM Williams’ refusal to treat me (talked in a sexual tone to me AND refused to listen to my symptoms saying she only went on her examination which then was “cursory”) and the lack of hygiene by her Phlebotomist? ( did not wash hands OR wear gloves whilst taking a sample of blood)
8) I learnt from a contact in the Welsh Assembly that the Ombudsman can “choose which evidence to ignore” in his investigation. THAT does not indicate a fair and unbiased investigation, to me, considering they ignored evidence of Dr RB John’s failings. (The letter dated 4th June 1998 stating Dr RB John’s Medical Opinion which was kept from me).
I quote from various Mental Health Sites on the Internet :Discharge from hospital (England, Wales and Scotland) You should not be discharged from hospital until your care needs are assessed and arrangements made to ensure that you will receive any necessary services when you are discharged. I received NO treatment for 18 months and then only because I repeatedly asked for help. That is good treatment according to the Independent Review.



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