my problems

My mother tripped over my dog, and broke the head of her left femur and was rushed to hospital. She went into a coma a few days later and then went into a respiratory arrest, in front of me, as soon as a nurse gave her liquid antibiotics. She died 11 days later in Intensive Care.
I discovered I was to be sued over the treatment I was undertaking at the time I was told my mother had gone into a coma and eventually was found at fault. (The reason I know so much about the NHS Complaints procedure)
I almost immediately discovered my wife’s infidelity and left my marriage in March 1994 , a few months after Mum died, and moved into her cold and empty house. An unrelenting and traumatic assault by the CSA and a long and acrimonious divorce then started.
About now I went to the Doctor feeling stressed to the extreme coping with this AND working six days a week, single-handed, in a NHS Dental Practice.
THEN in November 1997 my Practice was flooded when the drains couldn’t cope with a torrential storm. I had to close for almost 3 months because of Insurance delays.
      4 I started back at work in January 1998. I had been in constant contact with my Insurance Company and Bank Manager since the flood in order to keep going. The latter because of the total loss, in the end, about 3 months work and the revenue it would have produced. The first month I received a reasonable payment from the Dental Practice Board was May 1998. My Bank manager was ok but as HIS superior wasn’t I had to keep in weekly contact . As I also was with the Insurance Company trying hard to get the full payment AND/OR some more interim payments. I also was in contact with the Health authority and told my Doctor of the added pressure.


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