part 2

               From June 4th 1998 my life was slowly getting back together as my divorce was near its end and my Practice was rebuilding itself back to where it was pre-flood. I assumed that the “so-called” treatment I was receiving from the Mental health team was coming to an end and I would be allowed to continue my life. The vision of my mother’s death was fading, I was seeing my son regularly and the only BIG problem on the horizon was the settlement for the divorce. It appeared my wife had picked a knowledgeable Solicitor and I had chosen a wimp. The weekly telephone-calls to the Bank manager were now almost back onto friendly terms.
            His Medical Opinion was extremely important especially as my admission was being arranged for 12th June. To have been told at the time of HIS decision was reached that I should be retired would have given ME ample time to sort my affairs out. The letter stating his decision was dated 4th June 1998 and addressed to whom it may concern but I was never informed of this EVER. (OK I forgot so I WAS ill, much more ill than he ever considered, as proven by this

                 I could have arranged sale of my Practice by ringing a Dental Company and given the authority to my Accountant to take charge of the finances. I could have told my Bank Manager what was happening. I could have told the Insurance Company I was going to Hospital and received full settlement for the claim. I could have initiated ALL the Sickness Insurances I had diligently paid since qualification in 1975 and possibly have no mortgage now as this was covered by a sickness insurance. I could have arranged a Locum to complete the outstanding treatments on my current Patients until sale. I could also have been paid for those incomplete treatments. I could have INFORMED my patients what was happening instead just DUMPING them.. I could still have my personal belongings I had scattered around the Practice. I could now walk tall knowing I had done all I could Professionally and completed my career as a Dentist in the best possible manner.

                      Who knows but I could even be back at work now as a Locum or Part-time etc etc………
                     Also I would have a diagnosis of what was wrong with me, a treatment plan and prognosis.
Instead Dr A kept quiet ( well actualy he made up a serious illness for which the hospital gave me treatment) and NONE of the above happened. THIS is Medical Negligence on his behalf. This is NOT an employment issue as the Ombudsman says. IT IS A CASE OF MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE/ MALPRACTICE by Dr A. Plain and simple. I once said Dr A withheld his Medical Decision from his patient for NO apparent reason and he has refused to say why, now I know different. That ***** NEVER listened to me.
                       Then on release………… treatment for 18 months and then, I assume, ONLY because I screamed for help. Dr A told me NOTHING of what was going on behind the scenes despite my asking and I was going through all the financial hell CAUSED by his inadequacy. My life was so much worse NOW thanks to his silence.  Directly to his silence.
                     Then the use of his memory in the Complaint…………….never ONCE asking for sight of my Medical Notes. Then the Local Health Board refusing to tell me he was Medical Director.

                    Then the Independent Review NOT answering MY Compliant choosing to investigate something I HAD NOT initially complained about.

                     Then the Ombudsman saying it was an Employment issue despite Dr A refusing to give me his Medical Opinion as in the letter dated 4th June 1998. Yet HIS reply was “from memory” and was “I do not remember” The answer to that question is in my Medical Notes as I know having seen my notes.

                                     What about all the anecdotes I have heard about him, none were complimentary but there MUST be a reason for them? I understand them all now.

                          What about the waste of precious NHS resources caused BY his refusal to answer a complaint? I am now awaiting the 4th referral to the Local Mental Health Team for example. I have a Cardiac or circulatory problem now which is , I believe, caused directly by the inadequate NHS Complaint System which of course was started because of Dr A’s incompetence. Because he did not tell me HIS medical Opinion. THAT IS A catastrophic failure in his role as my General Medical Practitioner.

                                                     What on earth is he hiding???? at the expense of my health???? (he is hiding his lies)
                    As Medical Director of the Local Health Board he, I assume, is the senior Doctor in this area and should lead by example. In a recent meeting the LHB proudly say that they are trying to sort out the crisis in NHS Dentistry in this area.

                        Yet Dr A actually helped reduce the level of NHS dentistry in this area in 1998 because if I had been told of his Medical Opinion etc etc I could have arranged that MY ex practice would have stayed open from June to November 1998 rather than just close causing distress to my then current patients.  

                                   In July 2006 the Mental Health Team said I have no discernible Mental Health Component.

                      And then the referral AGAIN by my current GP to the Local Mental Health Team.

                    AND the fact I was retired from Dentistry on ill health grounds but FOR WHAT REASON as I have no diagnosis, but I do have this

     All because Dr A refuses to answer a complaint caused by his refusal to tell a patient of his Medical Opinion at the time he formed that opinion. (How wrong I was)


The Healthcare Inspectorate say Dr A is exemplary and that I probably do not remember what Dr A did not tell me ???????????  err


2 Responses to “part 2”

  1. Chan Devoid Says:

    I found this post on aol which I never use, while looking for something entirely different. So much for my free time today!

  2. Ena Erhard Says:

    arrived here from facebook. Your POV has become a little famous. Might want to participate there so they can get to know you easier and you can meet better eyeballs.

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