What SHOULD have happened.

I could have sold my NHS Practice with 5000 or so patients, realised a profit, or at worst case scenario broken even. Instead.
I could have ended my Dental Career of 23 years in Practice (40 years since entering University in 1967) with dignity.
I DEFINITELY wouldn’t have a stress related illness, probably wouldn’t have a compromised left lung and because of both of these have been given a sudden warning that I will die sooner than I should have done….maybe?……… probably.

I would know if my heart condition was serious or not.
I wouldn’t care about stress as a man retired at 48 years old, with a tidy pension. I wouldn’t have debts from my Professional life for the rest of my life. I could have gone back to Dentistry as a Locum maybe?

I would still be his patient, and would not have suffered the discrimination shown to me by subsequent GP’s for example here and here
I would talk to my sister, who says now that Dr A meant well. She knows he is totally inadequate as a doctor. She should know as she worked with him for 20 years. She is a good example of the discrimination shown to Mental Patients as she refuses to talk to me.

I could be more a “help” to my son rather than the angry idiot I feel I am. Also HIS pension fund would be much better than the chaos Dr A has caused. I would have a decent car rather than the 8+ year old “bangers” I can afford.

I could stroll to town and not mind the shouts of “It’s Al the mad-dentist” As that was one of my nicknames and why I called this site mad-dentist.
I could wake up each morning, without those dreams I suffer now.
I could go to the supermarket without the hope I don’t meet anyone especially ex-patients. Some are now friends BUT there were the few that shouted at me. One called me a c*nt.

I would still have my personal stuff from the practice that was thrown out by someone. ie a collage of my Dad, me and my son all at 6 years old and looking exactly the same, even same pose. sepia, hand-painted and colour. and a 10′ by 3′ slab of marble for my kitchen at home and the dishwasher, computer etc etc. so much more
I would never have known what the NHS Complaints Procedure was or probably even care.
I would only be angry at the antics of the Welsh Rugby team and also would be PROUD of being Welsh and not be ashamed of my Welsh Heritage.

I would not have written over 200 angry letters repeating the SAME thing over and over and over
I would not remember so clearly the details of my mother’s death. Or remember June 11th 1998. Or have been threatened with sectioning AGAIN
AND You would probably NEVER EVER have heard of me.
and I would never have written these songs


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