The reason for the financial disaster

           My practice was flooded, in Oct/Nov 1997, and my cash flow suddenly ground to a halt The insurance company were expert at delaying payments but as I was in very regular contact with the Bank AND the Insurance Company I kept going. BUT I had to be in regular contact.
          May 1998 was the first month I received a reasonable payment from the Dental Practice Board.. My Bank manager was ok but as HIS superior wasn’t I had to keep on with almost daily contact . As I also was with the Insurance Company trying hard to get the full payment AND/OR some more interim payments. I also was in contact with the Health authority and told my Doctor of the added pressure.

          ( I eventually NEVER received full settlement as they too thought I had done a “runner” as they couldn’t get hold of me on June 1998. That just adding to the cash flow problems.)
          Then I suddenly disappeared having been refused “permission” to sort my affairs out. Now my Bank, I assume, tried to contact me and because they failed to get hold of me I assume then that they thought I had “done a runner” and closed me down. The people I talked to on 11th June 1998 had promised to talk to my Accountant, which they didn’t, I requested this specifically as I had been forbidden time to do all that was necessary myself. Remember I had a period of 9 months of considerably reduced pay since the flood Oct 1997 and was just getting my head “above water” (perfect analogy) when possibly the most catastrophic piece of in-action by Dr A occurred.

He didn’t tell me I was to be IMMEDIATELY retired on the grounds of ill health and allow me time to get my affairs in order.

Why did we have to get our stories straight? I do not remember getting the Opinion as it now turns out I did. 

On my release my sickness insurances were unable to be started retrospectively
                     I was on paroxetine and Zimovane and unable to “be normal” EVERY TIME I asked for assistance I was ignored …. but by now the damage had been done.



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