..Telephone call

                 I re-opened in January 1998 I had a queue of people wanting treatment. Once the word got round I was open again. It was like starting all over again……..I worked from 8.30am to 6.00pm and Saturdays to accommodate them and also to attempt to rebuild my Cash-flow quickly. As I also had to finish the “home-visits” stopped by the FHSA investigation. I got my first decent-ish payment for completed treatment in May 1998. BUT the Insurance Company were VERY SLOW in payments and I had to do a “deal” with a Local Dental Company to even get some equipment with which to start work Not very busy to start with but it soon built up. I saw  private psychiatrist in Swansea arranged by Dr A but by now the memories are fading. I survived from day to day


           I received a telephone-call at work on 11.30 a.m. June 11th 1998, from, I assume, the Private Psychiatrist I cannot remember, and was told I had to go to Hospital the next day or I would be made to go. It was stressed I had NO choice. This was the first I knew about this so it came as a complete shock.
                  I was suddenly being told I had such a severe Mental Illness that I had to go, with no warning, to a Psychiatric Hospital, over 90 miles away, by 9.00am the next day. I was not told a diagnosis or any other reason as to WHY I had to go at such short notice. I was told I HAD to go or would be made to go if I refused.
                  I retreated under the reception desk. I cannot explain the feelings I had. The complete hollowness, the despair, and the loneliness that suddenly came over me. I could not think clearly.
                  I asked about my practice and was repeatedly assured ALL WOULD BE DONE but that I HAD to go to Hospital by the next day. I rang the Dental Advisor of the Health Authority and he ALSO promised assistance and said he would contact my receptionist in the Practice.
                        I remember no contact with  Dr A.
             I went home totally numb, my mind in chaos to prepare for something I never knew I had so I went to hospital the next day.

I never ever believed that I would be totally destroyed by my making the wrong decision based on lies by the Consultant and Dr A.

or so I thought until I found this


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