Some night in October 1997  we had torrental rain (like this summer (summer 2007)) and the area near my practice was under 4 foot of water. Nobody rang me to tell me (thanks a lot neighbours or police whoever couldnt be bothered to tell me)

                                         The Council sandbags stopped the house before the Practice. Inside the mess was waist high, the smell was disgusting as  sewerage had overflowed.  I rang the Health Authority to see if I could move to the empty Dental Surgery in Dr A’s  practice.


They said no because  my  patients would bring chaos to Dr A’s waiting room.  


The FHSA would allow me to move my 2 surgeries to the 1st floor of my original building that would soon be a building site in a 10 ft by 12 ft room in the middle of my in-house Denture and Crown Laboratory and with NO equipment.

    I rang my Insurance company immediately and the delays with them started that afternoon. I rang my Bank Manager and he didn’t seem too worried but he said to keep in weekly contact, which I did..

    I decided to do “home Visits” to the many Local “old folks” homes. I arranged quite a portfolio and explained the situation to the FHSA as my Practicing Profile would suddenly change, and they said they would note it and agreed it was a good idea.. I became a mobile dentist aided by the speed of my technician . After one month an investigation was started against me as my Practicing Profile had changed.  The investigation required  a selection of completed patients to be seen, in a clinic in town, to ascertain that I had done the work to a certain standard. As ALL the patients were unable to attend these appointments because they were “in a home” the FHSA sent out 3 more investigations for each non attendance but THESE in turn “failed to attend” or rather the Managers of the Homes said that they would be UNABLE to attend. So  the number of Patients under investigation grew exponentially until ALL the home visits were summonsed. I rang the Dental Practice Board and FHSA angrily explaining that I had had a flood and had “permission” to change my profile. To ease the situation I stopped doing “Home Visits” so in effect they stopped me working. I ended up with nearly 100 pts on investigation as they also asked to see Patients I had seen pre-flood.

                          I concentrated on the Insurance Claim and saw my regular patients going elsewhere.



2 Responses to “Flood”

  1. Mila Almazan Says:

    hi, searched this post on yahoo while searching for some things entirely different. That’s the end of my schedule today!

  2. Lottie Fondy Says:

    Hi, I keep seeing a 404 page and I was curious to find out if it’s just me or if it’s on your servers end and what I can do? It’s almost stultifying to be sitting on the bench.

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