..My Problems

        My mother tripped over my dog, and broke the head of her left femur and was rushed to hospital. She went into a coma a few days later and then went into a respiratory arrest, in front of me, as soon as a nurse gave her liquid antibiotics. She died 11 days later in Intensive Care.
         I discovered I was to be sued over the treatment I was undertaking at the time I was told my mother had gone into a coma and eventually was found at fault. (The reason I know so much about the NHS Complaints procedure)
           I almost immediately discovered my wife’s infidelity and left my marriage in March 1994 , a few months after Mum died, and moved into her cold and empty house. An unrelenting and traumatic assault by the CSA and a long and acrimonious divorce then started.
                 About now I went to the Doctor feeling stressed to the extreme coping with this AND working six days a week, single-handed, in a NHS Dental Practice. THEN in November 1997 my Practice was flooded when the drains couldn’t cope with a torrential storm. I had to close for almost 3 months because of Insurance delays.    



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