..I now know what I should have done

I now know what I should have done when a Doctor rang me at work to say I have to be in a psychiatric hospital by 9.00 am the next day. I should have refused to go and risk getting sectioned AT LEAST they would have told me what was wrong with me.
           Instead I was hospitalised for 6 weeks, on heavy medication and refused contact with the outside world especially about my practice. Then on my release I was plunged into a Financial Hell I could never have imagined caused by my sudden and unexplained disappearance.
          I emerged from it all 6 months later with almost complete financial and Professional ruin. All of which could have been so easily avoided if Dr RB John had not been so incompetent . He arranged my retirement BUT did not tell me EVER I was to be retired. But then I found these

          I had lost 23years of my life as a NHS Dentist. I kept asking DR RB John to explain what happened . If I was depressed before I was VERY depressed now yet he refused me treatment for 18 months Years past until I eventually withdrew the medication and started a NHS Complaint where after 4 years the result is I have no diagnosis of any mental illness let alone any sufficient for me to be sent to a psychiatric unit at such short notice. Dr RB John  was found to be causative of my ruin and the hell of the past years but nothing will be done as they say it is an employment issue ignoring the Doctor’s Malpractice, negligence and incompetence. the cause of the need for this site.
            Prior to the NHS Complaint and whilst on medication I attempted to get Legal Counsel but had nowhere near enough money to “pay a deposit” so got absolutely nowhere whilst repeating the story again and again. However there was a case apparently. A letter in my medical notes was withheld from me the contents of which would have fully explained what was about to happen. They all agreed that Dr RB John WAS at least negligent
              Also coincidentally at the same time I started my complaint my Next GP I call her Dr B refused to treat me for pneumonia and I now have a compromised left lung. In 1998 Another Doctor, Dr C kept, shouting at me to hurry up and I ended up being threatened with sectioning.
              Later that year I was told, by a Mental Health Access team  (July 2006) that I had no discernible mental illness but was under great stress and needed to get answers yet I am awaiting appointments for counselling to enable to come to terms with all this.
             I have had a silent heart attack, had high cholesterol, no pulse in BOTH arms or recordable blood pressure in my left arm. with 4 coronary angiograms and a ct angiogram and more treatment to follow.
             I have lost 23 years in practice as a NHS Dentist (40 years since entering college) and am paying £400 pcm for the privilege. and paying with my health. Daily I get reminders of what I lost.


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