“No one talks or listens to a troubled soul in the early stages of a mental illness. Listening being the more important response.” No one, in my experience has ever listened to me EVER before or after 11.30 a.m. June 11th 1998. YET when they treat they assume a diagnosis as in the Professor Rosenhan experiment. Maybe as in the Rosehan experiment I should pretend to be mad so that I can be cured to enable me to be released.

I qualified as a Dental Surgeon from UCH London in 1975. and moved to South Wales in 1985 and worked single-handed, in my practice, until 1998 . From 1993 I had a few problems in my life and went to see my Doctor as I was under great stress. I did not expect “help” with the problems but was advised that the Health Service may be able to help me cope but certainly did not expect what happened.

Auspices of Fair Comment.

Dr RB John formed a medical opinion, that I was so seriously ill, a high risk suicide, that I had to be immediately retired from  NHS Dentistry as written in that Medical Opinion dated 4th June 1998

He however NEVER told me of the urgency of the impending retirement. Therefore It came as a total surprise when I received a telephone call 11th June 1998 that told me I HAD to go to a psychiatric hospital by 8.30am the next day.

 I asked about my NHS Dental practice and was told I could not sort my affairs out and all would be done for me. I wanted to come to terms with this sudden shock and find out what was going on but I was told I HAD to go by the next day or I would be made to go. (Sectioning?)

I assumed I was going to arrange sick leave as I was told they would arrange a locum. (wrong)
I assumed they would let me know more when I was in hospital. (wrong)
I assumed they would tell me what was wrong with me. It came as a shock to discover I was a “high risk suicide”.

but then I found these and formed this opinion

2 Responses to “ABOUT THIS SITE”

  1. johnnypeepers Says:

    Do you think the NHS targets certain individuals as a means to conserve resources for those they favor? I am sure they have tons of genetic data to engineer a designed citizenry.

  2. maddy c Says:

    not surprised in the least i bet some would not believe it “saying how could this possiby happen” well to the naive it does and we should all be aware we should be questioning putting a stop to the i know whats best for you based sometimes on 10 minutes of talking over you not to you as i have experienced question question question and ask how many times have you done this or what facts do you base your answer on and if your not happy say so amd say you will go and research

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