This is the story of a NHS Dentist who lost everything due to an arrogant and incompetent doctor.

I have never sought to mislead I have always believed that Doctors should have the highest standards of integrity. Mistakes have been made and my future has been destroyed.  It would be easy to quit, but also wrong. To give up this quest in these circumstances would be also to give up every thing I have ever stood for and believed in and I am not prepared to do that.

The last few years have of course been hard, not just for me, but for my son, and I do intend to fully clear my name.  If he doesn’t know what he has done then he is grossly negligent, if he does know he is intentionally misleading the NHS and the Welsh public, This has destroyed  me and I deserve a thorough investigation of my complaint.

It supports the rationale that everyone has a moral duty  to not intentionally deceive others and that medical practitioners are bound to the same  requirement when it comes to their relationship with their patients.

Looking back with hindsight one can see things differently but he has destroyed my trust in Doctors and the longer I have had to carry this burden the more difficult it is to overcome. It is unbelievable the lack of help I have received.

   My life has been devastated and  it is a very difficult time, people suddenly treated me differently and there were shouts of abuse both of which are difficult to come to terms with, The only hope I have for the future is to put my life back together and get back to normal.

 Since suicide is one of the worst possible outcome for a psychiatric patient, most people could conclude that good care and proper documentation of suicide assessments is a clinician’s best defence against a potential lawsuit arising from a patient’s suicide. Most importantly, proper documentation serves the higher purpose of promoting quality care. 

I have a Dental degree BDS (ULond75) (what a waste of time THAT was) 

What if I had committed suicide afterwards because of his lies? Because of this?

I have discovered that Dr RB John MADE UP MY ILLNESS. and his Opinion The majority of this site was written WITHOUT the horrific reminder of his compliment slip re-discovered October 2007


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