I was a NHS Dentist and extremely stressed following a flood.

 I saw my GP, Dr RB John,  and was suddenly sectioned and also denied time to sort out my affairs.  I was a high-risk suicide in hospital.

 On my release, I was plunged into a financial hell that was catastrophically worse than ANYTHING I could imagine.  I only just managed to avoid bankruptcy.

 I have spent the next 10 years trying to get answers whilst the NHS Complaints service said that the GP concerned was exemplary in his actions, although no diagnosis of any illness was given but was also causative of my destruction but no action would be taken.

 I was removed from the Dental Register the day I was sent to hospital. And without my knowledge.

 I recently discovered a compliments slip that proves I was sent to hospital with a false illness. 

Dr RB John had MADE it all up. And showed his disinterest by informing me of his “opinion” by letter as proved by the presence of that compliments slip. I was meant to read his opinion without him being present.

see the three possible scenarios

Dr RB John has destroyed MY life My son was the only one on my side even my sister, Dr KE James, sided with that GP. I am right. 

I have lost 40 years of my life thanks to Dr RB John.

The story



  1. JeremyWatts Says:


    I came across your site and very much of it struck a chord with me. I saw Dr S. Johns back in the 90’s and also Alan Williams in Tonna, on the grounds of suspected depression.

    The experiences you described were very much in-line with what I experienced and thought.

    I received what I regard as a ‘pseudo-diagnosis’ from Sandra Johns. She said that I did not have depression, which for some strange reason she had to remind me was a disease (why..?), but that I did have something she termed ’emotional problems’…

    Thats a little like a docor saying hey you dont have this real classifiable illness here called Illnnessitis,but you do have pain problems.. I mean what did that phrase mean? It was intenesely vague, yet strangely used in a specific context. That is a classic & major hallmark of pseudo-science, vague wooly terms used specifically.

    I found her attitude strange too. Very belligerant, verbally aggressive & opinionated. I couldnt stand her pretty much from the word go. I found her approach contradictory too, as she says opn the one hand that I dont have a mental illness, yet at the same time is recommended counselling for me with Alan Williams…?

    I mean surely, if you deliver a patient the good news they dont have an illness then theres nothing left for you to do…? With her it was ‘you dont have an illness, but you still need treatment..’ maks of that what you will..

    Anyway as it was theonly thing on offer I took up this counselling with this Alan Williams, who was some smug half-baked pseudo-intellectual, with a load of similarly half-baked relativist/nihilistic notions…

    He just sat there half the time waiting for me to say something with a dumb smile on his face. Not telling me what this was for, what its intentions were, or purposes… even asking me at one point what I wanted from it.

    Would a doctor say that to you? Oh im going to prescribe you some vaguie wooly nonsense ‘therapy’ that I’ll term free-form therapy, and you can tell me then what you want from it..???

    It was all a load of shit. I told johns this at our next meeting,who then hit the roof and discharged me basically. Her saying if you dont like what we do here go and look in the yellow pages if you want something like CBT (I demanded this as I know its the only form of therapy that has the remotest bit of evidence for its efficacy).

    Anyway she angrily discharged me and that was that. I know feel failed… my life has been wasted… I’ve hardly ever worked, I’m almost 40, doctors arent interested. They read my medical reports and then get influenced by what johns said and go with that.

    I wouldnt give NHS mental health care in this area 1/10.. It is utterly risible, I could only give it zero I’m afraid…

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